Public Power Corporation SA announces recruitment, with limited private contract, one (1) person to meet seasonal or temporary needs of the Group Arachthos / HPP Pournari, headquartered in Pref. Artas, namely:

1position SE ENGINEERING SES - HPP and Gas Turbines

Duration of contract: 8 months

    Interested parties are invited to complete the application with password FORM ASEP SOCH.DEI - Less / CHEIA.AIS / YIS.ASP / TSP.2 and present, either in person or by other authorized person, if the authorization is signed them attested by a public authority, or by registered mail, at the offices of the service at the following address:

PPC / GROUP ARACHTHOU / HPP holly - Zip Code: 471 00, N. ARTA, sending it to the competent official account NIKOU Ms (tel. Contact: 26810-82461).

See the announcement here...