Today Thursday, December 1st begins the application process for 23.000 unemployed aged 29-64 years, who wish to participate in the Training Program, Certification and Employment peak of Greek economy. The action, budgeted 112 million euros, will be implemented by the method of training requirements (Training Voucher) and relates to a total of 60 disciplines of the 10 most dynamic sectors of the economy.

The program is open to all registered unemployed at OAED belonging to this age group and have completed either a) compulsory to secondary level or b) further education programs (IEK graduates) or higher education (universities, technical colleges).

    From now until December 30, 2016, those interested may submit only electronically their applications to website. Through the website, the candidates will have access to content and conditions of participation laid down by the invitation, will provide continuous information of stakeholders in the action, but also for any issues that arise during its implementation.

    The beneficiaries of the program will attend theoretical training and 120 hours will undertake internship 500 hours (about 5 months) during peak business sectors of Greek economy (Commercial, Logistics, Infrastructure and Technical occupations, Tourism, Information and Communications Technologies, environ- management of Solid and Liquid Waste, Food-Beverage, Energy, Industry and Agricultural Sector).

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