Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences - Research Committee according to the 11.23.2016 Decision of the Special Account Management Committee for the implementation of the operation "Practice Panteion University" implemented under the Operational Programme "Development ANTHOPINOU RESOURCES, EDUCATION AND LIFELONG LEARNING "PRIORITY AXES 7.8 WHO CO-FINANCED bY THE EUROPEAN SOCIAL FUND (ESF) entitled" Practical Exercise Higher Education "and MIS code 5000615, intends to employ and contract specialized staff (2 people) to 31-10- 2017 may be renewed until the end of the program.

JOB DESCRIPTION (1 & 2): Administrative Support Central Placement Office.

    Applications and supporting documents must be submitted within ten (10) days, to the Special Account and the Panteion University Research Protocol (Syngrou Avenue 136, Kallithea, tel. Contact 210-9201514 Ms. C. Liatsou) or sent by courier or mail by registered letter.

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