The Mayor of Trikala announced the recruitment of teaching staff for three (3) part-time positions and one (1) hourly position with an employment relationship limited private in KDAP Municipality of Trikala: KDAP "The Station" KDAP "THE FORTRESS 1st PRIMARY SCHOOL" KDAP "OMONIA 10th Primary School" and in particular for the following positions:

  • 1 positionUE / TE / SE MUSIC (GUITAR specialty)
  • 1 position UE / TE / SE MUSIC (VIOLIN specialty)
  • 1 position UE Gymnast (with SWIMMING specificity)
  • 1 position UE Gymnast (with BASKETBALL specificity)

Duration of contract: From contract signature until 31.08.2017 and may be renewed in the event of continuing the program.

See the announcement here...