The Special Account for Research Grants of Aristotle University (AUTH Research Committee) in the implementation of the "Marine energy strategies for local businesses" project, intends to award one (1) person for a total period until 09.30.2019 (date of this project), and in case of extension of the project until the end of this, with private project lease as follows:

  • Architecture composition - planning, design and development of innovative ideas - smart energy construction in coastal areas.
  • Simulation of the energy performance of these buildings and documentation through feasibility studies.
  • Monitoring and organization of pilot projects, which provides for maximum participation and collaboration and research institutes to enterprises.

    Submission of proposals and other documents of stakeholders will be made in the building of the Special Account for Research Grants AUTH (Building KE.D.E.A), September 3 - Pan / city, Thessaloniki, Zip: 54636, 1st floor, Room 104, until 16.01.2017, from 10:00 to 14:00, they will receive a file number.


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