The I.NE.DI.VI.M. with the no. 4504/244 / 05.01.2017 of the Board Decision invites expressions of interest for participation in shaping ranking tables for the staffing of the Project Task Team (3 strains) and the Central Project Team (24 members).

The duration of the work contract is defined by the date of signing until no later than the end of the Act. The responsibilities and the consideration will be determined by the relevant decision of the Board Agency.

  • Executive Project Team (3 strains)
  • Central Project Team (KOE) (24 strains)

    Applications, accompanied by the required documents must be delivered by hand or by mail (registered mail or courier) in a sealed envelope dimension A4 I.NE.DI.VI.M, Acharnon 417 and Kokkinaki T.K. 111 43 Department Central Secretariat 2nd floor until 01.23.2017, at 15:00.


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