The "APOSTOLI", non-profit organization, as part of implementation of BET LIFE VIII program concerning the operation Guesthouse unaccompanied minor refugees HOB announces one (1) job specialty Scientific Personnel "Social Worker".

Qualifications required:

  • Diploma of Higher Education Universities or TEI
  • License to practice for the Greek Territory.
  • Desirable experience at least one (1) year. Will take into account seniority and experience with the target group.
  • Desirable letters.
  • Certified good command of English (at least level Lower) or French equivalent level.
  • Desirable certified knowledge H / PC from the ECDL or equivalent certification body.

    The biographical mission will be to address the GSSE Apostoli, Hera 8 & Despo Shehu 37, 11743 Athens into account Mr. N. Katsiara or email address or fax: 210 9246740.


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