Special Account for Research of Higher Education Institute of Piraeus Technological Sector (AEI PIRAEUS TT), the decision number .: 3 / 26.01.2017 (Item 12) of the Research Committee under the Act project titled, "MED_INTERREG_PROOTHISI PENETRATION oF RENEWABLE ENERGY iN INTERACTIVE NETWORKS oF MEDITERRANEAN ISLAND PRISMI» which is funded by the European Union and Greece under MED_INTERREG -Partnership Agreement (V.1 November 2016) - project: PRISMI (1099) announces that it intends to enter into lease private projectfor five (5) people and invites interested parties to submit a proposal in this call for expressions of interest.

    The proposal and accompanying documents must be submitted in a sealed envelope which should give the particulars of the person concerned, the proposal code and the number. Orig. Invitation to the Protocol to the Special Account for Research Grants of A.E .I. Piraeus T.T. either in person or be submitted by mail by providing proof of timely filing until 24/02/2017 to the following address:

A.E.I. Piraeus T.T. - Special Account for Research Grants

Management building

Supply unit

Petrou Ralli & Thivon 250, Zip .: 122 44 Egaleo


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