The Institute for Breeding & Genetic Resources General Directorate of Agricultural Research GREEK AGRICULTURAL ORGANIZATION - Dimitra under no. 351 / 02.13.2017 SAA: 7G71OX3M-0CHCH a Correction Order approving the Head of Lys & CB, shows interest in submitting proposal to award one (1) lease private project, with individual (under Articles 681 and following of the Civil Code and Art. 6 of N.2527 / 1997, as amended and in force) for the purposes of implementing project entitled "Study of the sustainable operation of the Balkan Botanic Garden Kroussia and the Laboratory of Protection and Utilization of Native Species and Floriculture through conservation measures, information and training."

The project lease will last eight (8) months after signature.

    Those wishing to express an interest are invited to submit in writing a request-proposal for the conclusion of the project lease, according to article 681 CC, until February 24, 2017 at 14:00, in a sealed envelope marked "For the no. 396 / 16.02.2017 Call for expressions of interest. "


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