The President of the Municipality Karditsa Water Association announces the hiring of staff, with limited private contract the duration of which may not exceed two (2) months in total over a total period of twelve (12) months, the total number of four (4) persons to address urgent seasonal or temporary needs of the municipality Karditsa Water Association and other municipalities, based in Karditsa, namely:

  •     1 position SE 30 Hydraulic
  •     1 position SE 24 Electricians
  •     2 positions SE 30 Technicians (electricians)

    Interested parties may submit an application and supporting documents to the offices of the Association of Service (D / Directorate Meg. Alexandrou 34 Karditsa 2nd floor Tel. Contact: 24410-21351) within ten (10) days (calculated calendar) and enter by the next post in the Office bulletin space ie from Friday 03/03/2017 until Monday 13/03/2017.


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