On the Antiquities of Ioannina Ephorate announced the hiring TE Maintainers Antiquities and Group D Art, TE administrative - accounting, AL technicians and HR Skilled Workers with limited private contract for the execution of archaeological work for period from the date of signing contract and until 30.06.2017 with possibility of contract renewal or extension until the end of the project.

    Interested parties are invited to complete the application and submit it with the supporting documents, either in person or by other authorized person, if the authorization signed by their duly certified by a public authority, or by registered mail, at the offices of the department to following address:

Square March 25 6 45221 Ioannina by sending the account n. N.Kyramariou or n. A. Kaliosi (tel. Contact: 2651001051, 2651001053)

within five (5) working days starting from the day of registration on its website (website) of CLARITY application (http://diavgeia.gov.gr) and YP.PO.A. (http://www.yppo.gr) and suspension of the notice to the Office bulletin board (from 03.08.2017 to 14.03.2017).


See the announcement here...