The President of the Municipal Centre for Social Protection and Neapolis Sykies Solidarity announces his intention Entity ''Municipal Centre for Social Protection and Neapolis Sykies Solidarity'' to conclude the project lease agreements to meet the needs of public entities, concerning the steps necessary the project "Harmonization of Family and Professional Life" operational "Human Resources Development" program within the National Strategic reference framework (NSRF), the provision of medical care and monitoring, medical support, provide medical instruction, examination, administering medication and prescriptions, referral for investigations. Under this project the following specialties and the number of people will be employed as follows:

  • 2 positions UE Cardiologist
  • 2 positions UE Pathologist
  • 1 position UE General Doctor
  • 1 position UE Dermatologist
  • 1 position UE Optometrist
  • 1 position UE Surgeon
  • 1 position UE Psychiatrist
  • 1 position UE Pediatrician

Duration of contract: Up to 6 months

The deadline for applications is 12.03.2017 until 21.03.2017.


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