Announces that initiated the process of submitting candidates' applications to the notice 1K / 2017 ASEP (OG 10 / 03.03.2017 Issue Calls ASEP) for charging four hundred priority four (404) full-time staff positions University Education in the Ministry of Justice, transparency and Human Rights (Courts and Legal Services of the country).

The deadline for submitting electronic applications to participate in the process ends with the expiry of the April 3, 2017, the day Monday.

    Participation in this process is completed by sending the signed printed form of the electronic application of candidates with the required, where appropriate, supporting documents to ASEP, up to April 10, 2017, Monday, by registered mail.

    For general guidance on the notice and participation in it (documents, qualifications etc.) Applicants may contact the Office of Citizen Service ASEP telephone (2131319100, weekdays and 08:00 to 14:00) or via email in .