The N.P.I.D. under the name "GREEK CULTURE FOUNDATION'' announces:

  1. Hiring, by private contract or fixed term salaried contract duration 1 month, 1 person to view 14 International Book Fair in Thessaloniki and for the coordination of volunteers / temporary staff team.
  2. Hiring a private law employment contract fixed term or project lease for up to eight days, the team of 25 people to support the organization. It is noted that the days of employment each person be determined with the signing of his contract but will not exceed eight (8) days maximum.

    Stakeholders are invited to submit or send by mail the file, which will be indicated by code of the contract scope and contain application form along with the required professional qualification proof of their other properties and experience documents, originals or legally certified (eg employers' certificates, language diplomas, degrees etc.), at the offices of the Greek Culture Foundation in Athens (General Kallari 50, 15452, Paleo Psychiko, Athens), daily from Monday to Fri VH and 10.00-14.00 hours.

Application deadline: Tuesday, April 18, 2017 at 14:00.


See the announcement here...