The MUNICIPALITY OF LAMIA announces recruitment, with limited private contract, a total of four (4) persons for the implementation of sub-projects "Social Grocery" and "Social Pharmacy" the Act "Structures provision of essential goods: Social Grocery and Social Pharmacy Municipality of Lamia "under the Operational Program" Central Greece 2014 -2020 "- PRIORITY 10" promoting social inclusion and combating poverty - ECB "in Lamia Municipality based in Lamia Pref. Fthiotidas, and co- kekrimena:

  •     1 position UE / TE Social Workers
  •     1 position CE Auxiliaries
  •     1 position UE Pharmacists
  •     1 position UE / TE Social Workers

Duration of contract: One (1) year from the signing of the contract may be renewed or extended until the end of the Program.


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