Notice recruitment SAG 1/2017 on the implementation of the Programs Sports for All (ICE) for the period 2016-2017.

    President Y.K.P.A.A.P. announces the recruitment of twenty one (21) Graduates of Physical Education will implement the Sports for All Projects 2016-2017 until 31.07.2017 to:

  • Standard qualification degree TEFAA or equivalent recognized qualification foreign specialties of: Tennis, Weightlifting, Special Education, Sailing, Basketball, Athletics, Swimming, Martial Sports, Folk Dance, Volleyball, Football and ATVs


  • place of work: end defines the four (4) posts recruited P.F.A. without counting service as needed (exercisers, programs of municipal units).

    Interested P.F.A. may submit their application and supporting documents at the Sports Department of Y.K.P.A.A.P. Municipality of Lagadas (Lagadas building KAPI, Chr. Smyrnis 29, 3rd floor) from 13.04.2017 until 24.04.2017 (working days) during the hours of 9:30 -13:30 (Tel. Contact: 2394020841) .


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