The Management Body of the National Park Enos announces the Call for submitting the award proposal of two (2) Project leases with the following article, five (5) months of their entry and a maximum estimated total remuneration amount for both contracts twelve thousand euro (12.000,00 ), including those in all statutory deductions and any kind of taxes, fees and charges.

    The contract will have the possibility to extend for a further three months and no longer than 31 .12.2017 (if there is the possibility of obtaining additional funding from other programs).

    Applicants must submit a request for expressions of interest (relevant model given in Annex I), a full curriculum vitae and other documents recording the position for which they request in a closed, sealed envelope until Wednesday, 19.04.2017 at 14:00 at the offices Management Body Enos National Park and in particular:

National Forest Management Body Enos Koutavos Environmental Information Center, PO Box 222, 28100 Argostoli, Cefalonia, account n. Michael Xanthaki.


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