The President of DEYA Thermi announces the recruitment of a total of two (2) persons under a fixed-term contract of employment under the following terms: Of the Municipality of Thermi for the year 2017 as follows:

  • 1 position Hydronomea - Irrigation network New Rousios Thermi
  • 1 position Hydronomea - Irrigation network Tagarades Thermi


Duration of irrigation period: 5 months (from 01/05 to 30/09).

    Information is provided at the DEYA offices. Thermi Makrigianni 15A Thermi and more specifically to Mr. Karamvlasis Georgias (tel. 2310-460534) & Kostika Maria (tel .: 2310-460532) during the working days and hours from 20-04-2017 until 26-04-2017.

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