The Legal Entity "SOCIAL CENTER FOR SOCIAL PROTECTION, SOLIDARITY, SPORTS, EDUCATION AND MUNICIPAL EDUCATION" announces the recruitment of a person for the implementation of the European program "Harmonization of family and professional life" of the Public Employment Service "Center for Social Protection, Solidarity, Sport, Education and Preschool Education of the Municipality of Veria", located in the Municipality of Veria.

    Duration of the contract: From the signing of the contract and up to 31/08/2017 with the possibility of renewal or extension in case of continuation of the program.

    The deadline for submission of applications is ten (10) days 1/6/2017 to 12/6/2017 (calculated calendar) and starts from the day following the last publication of this paper in local newspapers or its posting in the branch of the service and A place of announcement of the municipal store, provided the post is post-publication in the newspapers.


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