Mayor of Patra announces the recruitment of temporary personnel of twenty two (22) persons to address the urgent seasonal need of Civil Protection in the Fire Protection & Fire Protection of the extended Municipality of Patras, in accordance with the provisions of article 206 of Law 3584/07 as replaced Article 41§2 of Law. 4325/15 (Government Gazette 47 / a / 05.11.2015): Status Code of Municipal and Communal servants, with which "allowed the hiring of any specialized staff with fixed-term employment contract by OTA an address urgent seasonal or temporary needs, with fixed-term employment contracts whose duration should not exceed two (2) months in total twelve (12) months. Exceptionally, the recruitment of above category is employed in fire safety is a fixed term contract whose duration does not exceed three (3) months in total twelve (12) months.

Interested parties are requested to complete an application and submit supporting documents to the following address:

Mezonos & Votsi (entrance from Mezonos), ground floor - PATRA, the Department of Logistics of the Administration of Administrative Services, from 15/06/2017 until 20/06/2017. Information: Department of Human Resource Management, tel. 2613 610223, 224, 235, 291.


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