The Mayor of Pentelis announces the recruitment of personnel under a fixed-term labor contract of a total of nineteen (19) to deal with urgent seasonal and temporary needs - Preventive Cleansing, Central, etc. Road parks, park parks of our competence as well as building infrastructure (Hospitals, camps, etc.) from the vegetation to reduce the risk of fires, the removal of the vegetation waste from owners in surrounding areas of dwellings and land, in the Municipal Unity of Melissia, Nea Penteli and Penteli), staffing of the observation and fire brigades of the area of responsibility of our municipality and KEPIC as well as the manning of emergency vehicles for the prevention of fires

Duration three (3) months

    Interested parties may apply to the Penteli Protocol (Directorate: Kalavoki 2a Melissia tel: 2132050075-79 and 2132140627) during working days and hours. The interested parties will submit their application and the supporting documents within five (5) days from the day of its posting to the Municipality's announcements, ie from 22/6/2017 to 28/06/2017.


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