THE PUBLIC COMPANY OF TYRNAVOS MUNICIPALITY (KEDIT) announces the recruitment of a total of two (2) persons under a fixed-term contract of private employment for the seasonal or temporary needs of the Municipality of Tirnavos, Is based in the Municipality of Tirnavos, N. Larissis, and in particular the following, per office, seat, specialty and duration of contract.

The signing of the contract until 15.9.2017.

Interested parties are requested to fill in the application form ASEP MAY 6 and submit them either in person or by another person authorized by them, provided that the signature is signed by a public authority or by registered mail at the offices Of our service at the following address: Public Enterprise of the Municipality of Tirnavos (KEDI.T), St. Carassou 1, PC 40100, Tyrnavos, Mrs Elenis Hatzizisis (tel. 2492350314 or 2492350313).


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